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Menard USA is a design-build geotechnical contractor offering ground improvement for sites with problematic soil conditions. Combining creative design and innovative techniques, Menard delivers practical, economical, and sustainable solutions that are attractive alternatives to deep foundations. WHY SETTLE?





Ground Improvement Specialists Menard USA is a subsidiary of Menard Group - world leaders in ground improvement operating in more than 80 countries. As specialty design-build geotechnical contractors, our collaborative, skilled teams deliver practical and sustainable solutions for ground improvement at sites with problematic soil conditions. Our regional offices are supported by the strength and stability of our international family. As pioneers in ground improvement and one of the first ground improvement contractors in the United States, we are an innovative partner that excels when ground conditions are most challenging. With offices across the USA, our local crews mobilize quickly and efficiently to install skillfully-engineered, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Stepping Up for Zero Incidents

Menard USA holds safety as its top priority, and “zero incidents” is our goal! Our safety initiatives are carefully evaluated and constantly updated. Menard USA encourages the entire team to engage directly with our Safety Management and help shape our poli- cies and procedures. We have a great responsibility to each other to ensure that everyone makes it home safely every day. How do we achieve that goal? Everyone participates, or “Steps Up” by embracing our values, taking part in training, offering opinions openly, and committing to working safely.

“Our team members take ownership for the safety of everyone that is on the project. Whether they have been in construction 30 years or 30 minutes, their voices are heard, recognized, and help our safety culture thrive.”

- Zachary Leghart, Menard USA Safety Manager



At Menard USA, we have always strived to do MORE with LESS . Finding optimal solutions for our clients while using less resources is a true core value on which our company was built. And this is how we aim to continue our development, by being smart, creative and effective, simplifying the way we do things and refusing to waste efforts and resources.

Our goal to use LESS resources to do our work inspires us to be MORE innovative!


• Offer ground improvement solutions that are an alternative to traditional foundation systems which generally use more resources • Use innovative and optimized designs for our solutions to reduce the volume of materials needed • Choose local resources so that we can keep our carbon footprint to a minimum

Contractors, engineers, and owners trust Menard USA to complete their projects on time while saving them money. By having a clear understanding of the site conditions, the structure, the project requirements, and the overall needs of our clients, we provide a detailed proposal so there is no guessing about what is needed or what is included. We deliver our turn-key ground improvement solutions with integrity and transparency and strive to always do what is best for our clients. When you work with Menard, you can expect us to hold firm to our agreements and promises.

This is our Less is More Commitment!


“We have worked with other ground improvement contractors in the past and Menard stood head and shoulders above the others in terms of communication and project execution. We look forward to working with Menard again.” Chris Sandusky Senior Project Manager, Woda Cooper Companies, Inc. “

“We worked with Menard on an extremely large rigid inclusion project. It was very much a partnership with Menard from the beginning of the project until the end – a true team experience.” Mark Kunst Vice President, The Conlan Company

“Menard is the best in the business, they excel at coming up with the most cost- effective solutions, particularly for large warehouses and distribution centers on poor soils.” Marc W. Baumann Project Manager, Greek Development

“Working for a contractor that puts a strong emphasis on safety, I can tell you that Menard goes above and beyond in terms of safety protocols and practices as compared to other subcontractors I have

worked with.” Carey George General Superintendent, BE&K Building Group


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From design to installation, Menard USA has experience across all construction sectors. Whether we are supporting warehouses along the supply chain, highways through the nation’s countrysides, urban buildings and parking garages, or storage tanks at refineries and terminals, our design teams can develop cost-effective, schedule-saving solutions for your project in any market sector. As leading ground improvement specialty contractors, we work collaboratively with your team to provide the optimal solution for your project, for any construction sector. The Sectors We Work In






If you are looking to keep settlement within tolerable limits, enhance bearing capacity, mitigate the risk or liquefaction, or increase slope stability, Menard USA has a solution for your project. Working with you to understand the challenges at your site and the type of support that you need, we select the most cost-effective solution for your project. We offer a wide range of ground improvement solutions that are custom designed to meet the needs of your project. Whether your issue is soft compressible clays, loose liquefiable sands, variable fills, or any other geotechnical challenge, Why Settle? OUR SOLUTIONS

Dynamic Compaction Steel weights, known as pounders, are dropped from predetermined heights in a set grid pattern to impart vibration into the ground. The technique is used to densify loose soils and fill materials and to collapse or compress voids in rock or landfills. Wick Drains Wick drains provide a preferential drainage pathway to reduce pore water pressure and expedite consolidation drainage for embankments, fills, and pre-loads. Earthquake Drains Earthquake drains’ high flow capacity allows for excess pore pressure to rapidly dissipate during an earthquake, providing sufficient discharge capacity to mitigate liquefaction and reduce post-earthquake settlement. Soil Mixing Large diameter columns of mechanically blended in-situ soils with cementitious materials and other ad mixtures to increase stiffness, improve settlement characteristics and, in some cases, reduce permeability. Soil mixing mitigates the risk of liquefaction, supports and enhances the stability of earthen embankments, dams, and levees, creates stable working surfaces, and binds contaminants.

Controlled Modulus Column (CMC)® Rigid Inclusions These elements are installed with displacement techniques that generate a minimal amount of spoil. Combined with a load transfer platform, these inclusions provide excellent settlement control and increased bearing capacity in very soft soils. Stone Columns Columns of compacted stone are installed with a vibratory probe or by tamping. In granular soils, the installation process densifies the surrounding ground. The columns are commonly used for settlement control, increasing bearing capacity, liquefaction mitigation and shear reinforcement. Bi-Modulus Columns (BMC)® Vertical ground improvement elements that are comprised of a Controlled Modulus Column (CMC)® rigid inclusion that is topped with a compacted granular column. By incorporating CMCs and stone columns, BMCs are designed to offer the distinct advantages of both types of vertical elements.

Additional Solutions: Helical Piles, Mass Stabilization, Geotextile Encased Columns, Vacuum Consolidation, Vibrocompaction, Dynamic Replacement


Have an upcoming project or questions about ground improvement? We are here to help! Call or email today so we can direct you to our representative in your local area.

Menard USA Corporate Office 150 East Main Steet, Suite 500 Carnegie, PA 15106 412-620-6000


Our offices across the country, including our affiliates, Farrell Design-Build, Inc. in the West and Earth Tech, LLC in the Southeast, give you local access to our responsive teams.

Find a Menard USA office near you!

Boston, MA 774-279-2432 Charleston, SC 843-416-8373 Charleston, SC (Earth Tech, LLC) 843-277-8797 Charlotte, NC (Earth Tech, LLC) 843-277-8797 Chicago, IL 312-598-9549 Cleveland, OH 440-853-4636 Cranford, NJ 908-603-8224 Detroit, MI 313-572-1479

Houston, TX 713-672-5612 Minneapolis, MN 775-232-0389 New Orleans, LA 985-323-6906 Philadelphia, PA 215-971-2660 Pittsburgh, PA

Seattle, WA (Farrell Design-Build, Inc.)

425-286-8887 Syracuse, NY 315-218-9460 Tampa, FL 813-519-0067 Tampa, FL (Earth Tech, LLC) 813-909-8000 Washington, DC 570-903-7540 Wilmington, NC 843-416-8373

412-620-6174 Richmond, VA 540-336-8136 Sacramento, CA (Farrell Design-Build, Inc.) 530-621-4867 San Diego, CA (Farrell Design-Build, Inc.) 619-485-0181


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